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Saturday 1438/8/24 - 2017/05/20
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Saudi Air Defense Intercepts Ballistic Missile Launched by the Houthis, towards Non-Populated Area, to the North of Al-Rain Governorate -Coalition Command Announces
Jeddah, Sha'ban 23, 1438, May 19, 2017, SPA -- The Saudi Air Defense Forces managed to intercept a ballistic missile, this evening of Friday 19-05-2017 at 20:45, as announced by the Coalition backing the internationally recognized government of Yemen, led by President Mansur Hadi.
The missile was launched by the Houthi militias, in Yemen, and targeted a non-populated area, in an area, lying North to Al-Rain Governorate.
Saudi Air defense destroyed the missile, following intercepting it, and no casualties were reported, at all.
On the other hand, the Coalition Air Forces retaliated, immediately, hitting the sites of the missile's launching pads.
-- SPA
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