Gen. Al-Hussein, Arrives in Riyadh, Leading Sudan's Delegation to Arab-Islamic-American Summit

Saturday 1438/8/24 - 2017/05/20
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Riyadh, Sha'ban 24, 1438, May 20, 2017, SPA -- Gen. Taha Ahmed Al-Hussein, the Minister of State and the Head of the President's Office, arrived here on Friday, to lead the Sudanese delegation to the Arab-Islamic-American summit.
At King Salman Airbase, he was received by the Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet for Shura Council Affairs Mohammed bin Faisal Abu Saqq, the Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Ali bin Hasan Jaafar and his Sudanese counterpart to the Kingdom Abdalhafez Al-Sanousi and various officials.
-- SPA
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