Al-Azhar supports Arab countries boycott of Qatari regime

Wednesday 1438/9/12 - 2017/06/07
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Cairo, Ramadan 11, 1438, June 06, 2017, SPA -- Al-Azhar reiterated its support for the decision taken by the Arab leaders to boycott the Qatari regime, praising the measures they have taken to ensure the unity of the Arab nation and resolutely addressing the plans to destabilize it and tampering with the security of its countries.
Al-Azhar said in a statement today that it is closely following the developments in the Arab arena during the past few days and confirms its support for the joint Arab position in its decision to boycott regimes that support terrorism, harbor violence and extremist groups and intervene openly in the affairs of neighboring countries.
Al-Azhar hoped to redouble the efforts of the Arab nation to stop the tendentious attempts exerted by the oppressive regimes, which constitute a threat to the security and stability of the Arab region.
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