Yemeni Prime Minister: Coup Militias' Bombing of 3 Trucks belonging to King Salman Center and Targeting Emirati ship are Flagrant Threats to International Peace and Security

Friday 1438/9/21 - 2017/06/16
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Aden, Ramadan 21, 1438, June 16, 2017, SPA -- Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid Bin Daghr has considered bombing of three trucks belonging to King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid carrying humanitarian aid and targeting a United Arab Emirates ship off the coast of Yemen as flagrant threats to international peace, security and navigation.
He said in a statement broadcast by Yemen's Official News Agency, "The militias continue their aggressive approach and do not obey the voice of reason and the international community is responsible for carrying out its duties to secure the international navigation and rescue the Yemeni people who are starved and killed by these militias stripped of all values and principles''.
The Yemeni Prime Minister called on the international community to take the necessary measures to stop the attacks threatening international peace and security, pointing out that the coup militias have rejected all peace options and initiatives.
He stressed that the return to the completion of the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanism and the implementation of the outputs of the national dialogue and UN Security Council Resolution 2216 are the shortest way to achieve peace, end the war and lead to the national general and comprehensive reconciliation.
13:54 LOCAL TIME 10:54 GMT