Yemen condemns the failed attempt to target the Grand Mosque in Makkah

Saturday 1438/9/29 - 2017/06/24
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Aden, 29 Ramadan,1438 AH, 24 June,2017 , SPA -- The Republic of Yemen has condemned in the strongest terms the attempts to target the Grand Mosque in Makkah by a terrorist cell that was trying to target Umrah performers, worshipers and visitors.
The Yemeni Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued by the Yemeni news agency that, "Attempts to target the Grand Mosque by terrorist groups confirm that these groups have crossed the red lines and reflect the seriousness of their schemes, which do not hesitate to target the holiest places of Islam."
The statement stressed Yemen's stand with the Kingdom Saudi Arabia in the face of this scourge, praising at the same time the high vigilance of the security forces, which were able to thwart the scheme of the terrorist cell and the protection of the Grand Holy Mosque, Umrah performers and visitors.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed the call to mobilize efforts to address and eradicate terrorism.
-- SPA
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