Japan deploying its anti-missile missiles after North Korea's bombardment of Guam Island

Saturday 1438/11/20 - 2017/08/12
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Tokyo, Dhu-AlQa'dah 20, 1438, Aug 12, 2017, SPA -- Japan has begun deploying its missile defense defenses after North Korea's threats to fire missiles at the US island of Guam.
Japanese media reported that the Ministry of Defense began Saturday to deploy anti-missile Patriot missiles in Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi in western Japan.
According to Kyodo News, Japanese Defense Ministry officials said the government plans to complete the deployment of the system in western Japan quickly.
For its part, the White House said that US forces are ready to protect the island of Guam, calling on North Korea to abandon its provocative behavior.
US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping welcomed the UN Security Council's adoption of a resolution on sanctions against North Korea and said it was a necessary and important step towards peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, the White House said in a statement.
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