11 targets for General Authority for Military Industries

Tuesday 1438/11/23 - 2017/08/15
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Jeddah, Dhu-AlQa'dah 23, 1438, August 15, 2017, SPA -- The General Authority for Military Industries' objectives and tasks include:
1. Proposing policies, strategies and regulations relevant to the military industries sector and complementary industries.
2- Managing the military procurement operations of arms, ammunition, equipment, supplies, military uniforms, maintenance and operation contracts for arming the security and military authorities in the kingdom and to participate in the examination and acceptance of products and services to ensure compliance with the required specifications.
3. Issuing manufacturing licenses for the public and private sectors, local and external, for the establishment of military industries and complementary industries in the Kingdom and establishing the relevant controls and procedures.
4 - Setting specifications for military industries and complementary industries.
5. Establishing monitoring mechanisms for the military industry sector and its complementary industries and following up their application.
6. Managing and developing the economic balance program for the military industries and complementary industries and negotiation with foreign companies to transfer technology and increasing local content.
7. Manage all research and development operations in the military industries and complementary industries, including the allocation of research and development budgets, technology transfer and management of research and development projects, utilizing research centers and universities - internal and external - and establishing research centers as needed.
8 - Coordination with the relevant authorities to match the outputs of education and technical training with the needs of the military industries sector and complementary industries, and working to attract technical expertise to the sector.
9. Development of incentives for the development of the military industry sector.
10. Support of local manufacturers by transferring technology, taking into account the distribution of projects among local companies, promoting the sector internally and externally, contributing to the rehabilitation of local manufacturers, providing infrastructure and supporting the export of domestic military products.
11 - Strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors locally and abroad to achieve their objectives.
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