Official Source : The Kingdom has not requested any mediation with Republic of Iran

Wednesday 1438/11/24 - 2017/08/16
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Jeddah, 24 Dhu-AlQa'dah,1438 AH, 16 August,2017 , SPA -- An official source stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not requested any mediation in any way with the Republic of Iran.
The source pointed out that what has been circulated on news in this regard is completely untrue.
The source stressed the Kingdom's adherence to its firm position that rejects any rapprochement with the Iranian regime which is spreading terrorism and extremism in the region and the world and is interfering in the affairs of other countries.
The source added that the Kingdom believes that the current Iranian regime can not be negotiated with after a long experience that has shown that it is a regime which does not respect diplomatic rules and norms and the principles of international relations and it is a system perpetuating lying and distorting facts, affirming the Kingdom's emphasis on the danger of the Iranian regime and its aggressive orientations to peace and world stability, calling upon all countries of the world to work to deter the Iranian regime from its hostile actions and compel it to comply with the international law, United Nations resolutions, and diplomatic norms and regulations.
-- SPA
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