Recalling the regrettable events of 2011 in Bahrain, Manama authorities disclose that Qatar was the real mastermind behind them

Tuesday 1438/12/7 - 2017/08/29
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Manama, Dhu-Al-Hijjah 7, 1438 H., Aug 29, 2017, SPA -- In a highly-significant report, the Bahrain news agency today disclosed that the regrettable incidents that took place in 2011 in Bahrain were not purely a Bahraini coup attempt accompanied by a limited popular chaos but a systematic subversive plot, behind which Qatar was the mastermind and its security and official arms were the real players.
The report said that since 2011, information unveiled day by day prove that the events were the make of Qataris rather than Bahrainis.
The Qatari regime has been conspiring to overthrow the regime in Bahrain by creating the chaos in 2011 and has been working in line with the Iranian ambitions for the future of the region, the report said.
Qatar sought chaos and destruction of Bahrain by utilizing the internet and social media network sites and media,” the report said, unveiling that the “unfriendly neighbor” has been planning this years before the events of 2011 occurred.
Qatar sparked the unrest that occurred in Bahrain in February, 2011, and provided it with financial and logistic support and media coverage, said the report, adding that the Qatari authorities began implementing its plan since January 26, a day after protests emerged in Egypt within the so-called Arab Spring.
According to the report, once-classified accounts were created on the social media outlets, calling upon Bahrainis to “rise against their rulers and sacrifice their blood for their freedom”.
The account shared posts on local forums here calling them to protest on February 14 and work together to overthrow the regime.
The investigations of the Bahrain cyber security authorities not only proved that the account was created and activated in Qatar, as the Internet Protocol (IP) address showed, but also revealed that bodies in the Qatari government have been simultaneously activated to support it.
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