State Security dismantles a Daesh-related terrorist cell and raids three other sites, arresting five

Friday 1439/1/16 - 2017/10/06
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Riyadh, Muharram 15, 1439 H., October 5, 2017, SPA -- An official source of the Presidency of State Security said today that following the statement issued on 21/12/1438 H. regarding thwarting of a terrorist plot perpetrated by Daesh terrorist organization, which was designed to execute suicide attacks on two headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in the city of Riyadh, resulting in the arrest of the Yemeni suicidal and two other Saudi nationals recruited to carry out the operation, the Presidency managed to launch a successful preemptive security operation on Wednesday, 14/14/1439 H., on the hideouts of the terrorists, raiding three sites linked to the terror cell.
The first target was a rest house located in Al-Rimal neighborhood, in the eastern outskirts of Riyadh city. The hideout contains a factory for manufacturing explosive belts and explosive devices to be used in committing terrorist crimes. Inside the rest house was a suicidal who dared after the site was besieged to detonate himself by an explosive belt, ignoring calls for him to surrender, leading to the scattering of his body inside the rest house and setting a nearby rest house to fire.
The second site is a residential apartment located in Namar district, west of the city of Riyadh, where a gunman was taking shelter, fortifying in a room and also refusing to hand himself to security men. Following a fire exchange, he was finally killed, with nobody else harmed on the side of security, passersby or others.
The third site, located in Al-Ghunamiya district in Al-Hayer district, south of Riyadh city, was a horse stable, used to mislead the security and provide a more safer hideout for coordination meetings of the members of the terrorist cell.
The number of arrestees of this cell has so far reached five, whose identities would not be revealed now for security and investigation purposes. Further search and inspection operations on the three sites resulted in the seizure of Kalashnikovs and ammunition, wire used in booby-trapping vehicles, metal nuts, chemicals used in the manufacture of explosives, bottles of distilled water, incendiary liquids, large quantities of heavy iron molds used as explosive devices. Forensic teams began to remove the remains of the suicide bomber as well as other remains in the three sites to prior to necessary laboratory tests.
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