MWL Confirms Total Rejection of the UN Report on Armed Conflict

Saturday 1439/1/17 - 2017/10/07
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Makkah, Muharram 17, 1439, Oct 7, 2017, SPA -- The Muslim World League (MWL) reviewed the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on children and armed conflict, issued on 16/01/1439 H corresponding to 06/10/2017 and the inclusion of the states of the Arab Coalition, participating in the restoration process of legitimacy, in Yemen, in addition to bodies and states that have taken measures and steps to strengthen the process, express hope that such cooperation would continue to promote the protection of children, pointing out that the report commendation, in the light of the efforts being made by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in this area, in particular, with the large and important tasks done with the United Nations, through King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action, in the context of a tribute to members of the Security Council in August, for the programs adopted by the Center for the rehabilitation of Yemeni children.
The Islamic World League in the name of the Islamic peoples affiliated with it, and on behalf of a number of Islamic and non-Islamic bodies, organizations, institutions and societies around the world and in the framework of its religious, scientific, political and juridical activities, envisage with great appreciation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in this regard, that the events confirm their total rejection of the information and data of the United Nations Secretary-General's report, for lacking of documentation of the requirements of international standard, which are supposed to determine by means of proper survey and the scope of liability for default, to prove daily scenes of reality and the concrete Houthi militias obstructing of relief efforts and assaults recorded between 2015 - 2017 and the documents that lie in front of everyone to confiscate 65 ships, 124 convoy of relief, 628 trucks, 5,500 food baskets and 6,000 basic commodity.
In the same period, the militias attacked United Nations organizations and other relief organizations in Sana'a, Taiz, Hajjah, Hodeidah, Ibb and Aden, where their brutality was carried out through killings, kidnappings, closures and looting.
This was an extension of their criminal actions against the Yemeni people since its legitimacy was hijacked by sectarian backed by the Iranian axis of evil, which has taken upon itself since the establishment of its evil entity to export hateful revolution, through expansionist and subversive ambitions, as one of the constants of its constitution which pushed the Iranian people before others, with savagery and sectarianism.
The report of the Secretary-General, in particular, was to draw upon the apparent material evidence of all the tragedies and challenges, and that the United Nations should contribute with the states of the Coalition to overcome them and reveal the truth of their effectiveness.
-- SPA
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