Partners of Coup Militias in Yemen exchange Accusations

Thursday 1439/1/29 - 2017/10/19
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Aden, Muharram 29, 1439, October 19, 2017, SPA --The General People's Congress Party of ousted Saleh has threatened to break up the partnership between it and the other partner, the Houthi coup militias. This came in a letter sent by Secretary General of the Party Aref Al-Zuka, accusing the Houthis Militias of being behind the campaigns of threats, killings and arrests being carried out against its leaders.
In turn, the Chief of the so-called Supreme Political Council, head of the political bureau of the Houthi militias Saleh Al-Samad, has accused in a letter the People's Congress Party of lack of commitment to agreements between the two partners .
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