Yemeni army announces killing of 600 elements of coup militias

Saturday 1439/2/15 - 2017/11/04
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Aden, Safar 15, 1439, November 04, 2017, SPA -- The Yemeni National Army announced last night that more than 600 Houthi militia elements were killed and wounded during last week in the northern governorates of the country and east of Sana'a.
The official website of the army, "September Net" in a report said that these elements fell in the qualitative military operations of the National Army forces, backed by the Arab Alliance strikes.
The report pointed out that among the dead, at least 22 field leaders, most of them fell in the provinces of Jouf and Hajjah north of the country and east of Sana'a.
-- SPA
15:45 LOCAL TIME 12:45 GMT