Lebanese Premier Resigns, Accusing Iran of Interference, Citing Obnoxious Envy towards Arab Nation

Saturday 1439/2/15 - 2017/11/04
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Beirut, Safar 15, 1439, Nov 4, 2017, SPA -- Lebanese Premier Saad Al-Hariri announced resignation from the premiership of the Lebanese government.
During a press conference held here today, Al-Hariri said that: "When Iran comes to any place, it does only plant in it sedition and destruction, a fact that witnessed as materialized by its interventions in the Arab countries, out of intrinsic hatred of the Arab nation."
"I want to tell Iran and its followers that they are losers and hands that spread to the Arab countries will be cut off and that the evil will return to its instigators, he added, stressing that: I have promised you to seek the unity of the Lebanese, end political division and establish the principle of self-distancing.
"I suffered too much mischief for that, he stated, however I kept restraint for the sake of the Lebanese people.
Now, as I declare my resignation from the premiership of the Lebanese government, I do that with certainty that the will of the Lebanese is stronger and they will be able to overcome the tutelage, from within and without, as well", he concluded.
-- SPA
19:39 LOCAL TIME 16:39 GMT