Hezbollah Obstructs Lebanese Govt.'s Functioning -Al-Jubeir Reaffirms

Saturday 1439/2/29 - 2017/11/18
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Madrid, Safar 29, 1439, Nov 18, 2017, SPA -- Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir stressed keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Spain to fight terrorism and extremism, affirming that the two countries' aspirations to enhance distinguishing bilateral relations binding them, in various fields.
During a joint press conference held here today with his Spanish counterpart Alfonso Dastis, Al-Jubeir praised the partnership and coordination between the two friendly nations.
On the situation in Lebanon, the Foreign Minister reiterated Saudi Arabia's unflinching support for Lebanon, recalling its role in masterminding Taif Agreement in 1991, which resulted in putting an end to the Lebanese civil war, adding that the Kingdom has supported all international resolutions that contributed to Lebanon's return to the international arena.
Furthermore, the Kingdom has supported outgoing Lebanese Premier Saad Hariri against Hezbollah's terrorist militia kidnapping of the country, pointing out that Hezbollah has always sought to obstruct Lebanese government's work.
He also stressed that Hezbollah is a terrorist outfit and must be disarmed, in accordance with Taif Agreement, reaffirming that there can be no militia with an armed force, operating contrary to the rule of law.
Lebanon will not enjoy peace and security unless Hezbollah renounces its weapons and becomes an armless political party, he emphasized.
"We see that Hezbollah has kidnapped Lebanese banking system to launder money, he stated, saying that ports also have been hijacked by Hezbollah for smuggling drugs.
Hezbollah is also interfering, in Yemen, the Kingdom of Bahrain and Syria internal affairs, a policy which is unacceptable," he asserted.
"There can be no crisis every month, in Lebanon, because of Hezbollah or Iran has decided to do so," he concluded.
For his part, the Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said that the Kingdom and Spain are allies, especially in the fight against terrorist organizations, the field of counter-terrorism and the two sides have conformed views on issues and developments, in the Middle East.
On the other hand, he considered Kingdom's Vision 2030 as a valuable opportunity to enhance economic cooperation, investment and the presence of Spanish companies in the Kingdom, to contribute to deepening economic relations between the two countries.
-- SPA
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