No One Can Prejudice Egypt's Nile Water Quota -Egyptian President Vows

Saturday 1439/2/29 - 2017/11/18
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Cairo, Safar 29, 1439, Nov 18, 2017, SPA -- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed that no one can prejudice Egypt's share of water, in the Nile River, explaining that he had been talking with both Ethiopian and Sudanese sides, on several points, especially those related to non-prejudice to Egypt's share of water.
President al-Sisi said during an intervention, at the opening of a number of national projects' ceremony, in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.
"No prejudice to the waters of Egypt and we talked with our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia, on three elements, including non-water prejudice element," noting that the water of Egypt is owned only by the Egyptian people and transgression on it, is not an affront on his own right but on the right of the Egyptian people.
The Egyptian president stressed that development is important, but in return water is equal, as it is an issue of life or death of the people, noting that the people of Egypt are fully aware and know what is harmful or useful to them.
-- SPA
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