Foreign Minister calls for firm stand against Iranian interventions in Arab countries

Sunday 1439/3/1 - 2017/11/19
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Cairo, Rabi'I 1, 1439, November 19, 2017, SPA -- Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir stressed the importance of the rapid response of Arab countries to the request of Saudi Arabia to hold an extraordinary meeting to confront the dangers of Iranian interference in the affairs of Arab countries.
In his speech at the opening session of the Extraordinary Session of the Arab League at the level of Foreign Ministers, which opened here this evening, he said: "This response reflects the consideration of our countries of the grave dangers to the security and stability of our region as an inevitable result of the blatant violations of the Iranian regime in the internal affairs of the Arab countries in an attempt to destabilize their security and stability and stir up sectarian strife to create a division between our peoples and our countries. "
"The ballistic missile launched on my country's capital reflects the repeated Iranian attacks against the kingdom, which witnessed the launch of 80 Iranian ballistic missiles through its Houthi agent in Yemen, which was exposed to various cities in the Kingdom, and did not care about the Muslims' Qiblah by launching three ballistic missiles in a blatant attack on Islamic sanctities and a provocation to the feelings of Muslims around the world. "
"The silence on these brutal attacks of Iran through its agents in the region will not make any capital of an Arab country safe from these ballistic missiles," he said.
"Saudi Arabia will not stand idly against this blatant aggression and will not hesitate to defend its national security to preserve the security and safety of its people. We are all required to bear our national responsibilities and safeguard the security and stability of our countries to confront these aggressive Iranian policies towards us."
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