Council of Arab League condemns Iranian interference in region 2 Cairo

Monday 1439/3/2 - 2017/11/20
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The Council also condemned the policy of the Iranian government and its continuing interference in Arab affairs, which fuels sectarian conflicts and emphasized the need to refrain from supporting groups that fuel these conflicts, especially in the Arab Gulf States, and demanded it to stop supporting and financing militias and armed parties in the Arab countries, especially its interference in the Yemeni affairs and stop its support for the militias loyal to it and against the legitimate government of Yemen and the provision of weapons and turning them into a platform to launch rockets at Yemen's neighbors and threating the navigation in the Strait of Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea, which reflects negatively on the security and stability of Yemen and the neighboring countries and the region in general and is a clear violation of Security Council resolution 2216.
The Council blamed the terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah, a partner in the Lebanese government, for supporting terrorism and terrorist groups in Arab countries with sophisticated weapons and ballistic missiles, and stressed the need to stop spreading extremism and sectarianism and interference in the internal affairs of states and refrain from providing any support for terrorists and terrorism in its regional surroundings.
The Council condemned the statements made by the Iranian officials against the Arab countries, and called on the Iranian government to desist from these hostile statements and acts of provocation that threaten security and stability in the region.
The Council decided to ban satellite channels funded by Iran, which broadcast on Arab satellites as a threat to Arab national security by provoking sectarian, and ethnic strife, and to request the Secretary General to follow up the implementation of this resolution with the relevant authorities.
The Council instructed the Arab Group in New York to address the President of the Security Council to clarify Iranian violations of Security Council Resolution 2231 with regard to the development of the ballistic missile program and its offensive nature, which undermines Iranian claims about its defensive nature and its imminent threat to Arab national security.
The Council also instructed the Arab Group in New York to address the President of the Security Council to clarify Iran's violations of Security Council resolution 2216 by supplying arms to terrorist militias in Yemen and to consider launching an Iranian-made ballistic missile from Yemeni territory towards Riyadh as an aggression by Iran and a threat to regional Arab and international security and peace and to inform him of the need for the Security Council to assume its responsibilities towards the maintenance of international peace and security.
The Council decided to continue to include the item of Iranian interventions in the internal affairs of the Arab countries on the agenda of the Arab cooperation forums with the international and regional countries and assemblies.
The Council requested the Secretary-General of the Arab League to follow up the implementation of this resolution and to report on the actions taken in this regard to the next session of the Council.
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