Yemeni Government: Popular Uprising against Iranian-backed Al-Houthis Continues

Friday 1439/3/20 - 2017/12/08
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Aden, Rabi'I 20, 1439, Dec 8, 2017, SPA -- The Yemeni government confirmed that the campaigns of assassinations, field executions and arrests of leaders and members of the General People's Congress Party as well as its military and security leadership by the Iranian-backed Al-Houthi coup militia will not be tolerated.
The government also vowed, during its meeting held in the interim capital Aden and chaired by the Yemeni Prime minister Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher, to punish all the criminals and those responsible for those crimes and their supporters and financiers, indicating that Al-Houthi militia backed by Iran continued to storm the homes of residents and violate their sanctities and killed anyone who opposes the Iranian sectarian project in cold blood using fascist and brutal acts.
The official Yemen News Agency reported.
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