Yemeni Army Finds an Explosives Lab for Houthi Coup Militias

Tuesday 1439/4/1 - 2017/12/19
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Shabwah, Rabi'II 01, 1439, December 19, 2017, SPA -- Yemeni National army forces and popular resistance in Yemen have found an improvised explosive devices (IED) laboratory last night in Bayhan District of Shabwah Governorate.
Leader of Wadi Bayhan resistance Saleh Alharthi said that there is a mediation for the withdrawal of the beleaguered Al-Houthi's coup militias in Al- Safra District, assuring that they will be allowed to withdraw as war prisoners after they surrender their weapons.
The Yemeni National Army announced the complete liberation of Bayhan, Usaylan, and Al-'Ain districts, and assured that Shabwah Governorate is liberated except for small pockets being dealt with at the moment.
15:36 LOCAL TIME 12:36 GMT