Yemeni platform for studies and media: Houthi militias committed most heinous crimes against media institutions and journalists

Monday 1439/4/7 - 2017/12/25
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Aden, Rabi'II 07, 1439, December 25, 2017, SPA -- Houthi militias have committed in Yemen since their coup, the worst crimes against media institutions and journalists and figures show that these violations are unprecedented in the world, and no country has ever reached them.
Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al-Iryani said that the statistics of the ministry shows that until 2013 there were more than 290 newspapers and magazines, four official channels and 15 private channels. But in 2015 there were only ten newspapers and magazines, and two official channels working for Houthi militias.
It's worth noting that all media institutions against the coup have been re-founded outside Yemen with limited resources.
The Syndicate of Journalists pointed out that the most prominent violations committed by the Houthis against media and journalists since the coup d'état were killings, attempted murders, kidnappings, tortures, and threats.
In August 2017, the United Nations issued a report stating that Yemen had witnessed the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and that the Houthi militias had launched a campaign of oppression against civilian activists, journalists and members of the civil society through methods such as intimidation, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and murders.
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