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Saturday 1439/4/26 - 2018/01/13
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In another context, Al-Riyadh newspaper said in its editorial today that western countries treat with the Iranian issue with both its humanitarian and nuclear components in line with their interests in Iran, without taking into account the destructive roles of the Iranian regime against its people in the first place and the right of the countries of the region.
The newspaper added that the western and European countries in particular believe that Iran is committed to the agreement, although their expressed concerns about "other issues such as the development ballistic missiles there, tension in the region, and recent demonstrations in which dozens were killed by the forces of the regime as the concerns were included by justifications that the regime is still" committed to the nuclear agreement, and this is the important matter for those countries while the aggressive acts being committed by the ranian Iregime againes its people is not the same important matter.
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