UNICEF: 378,000 Children Need Urgent Assistance in Libya

Tuesday 1439/5/13 - 2018/01/30
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Tripoli, Jumada I 13, 1439, Jan 30, 2018, SPA -- The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said that 378,000 Libyan children need urgent humanitarian assistance during 2018 which would require an estimated USD $ 20 million.
According to the official website of United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Abdulrahman Ghandour, UNICEF Special Representative to Libya said: “2018 is a pivotal year for Libya, especially for children”.
He added: “This is why at UNICEF, we are appealing for USD $ 20 million to help us scale up our response to provide urgent assistance to children, as well as long term support to all children throughout Libya”
UNICEF clarified that among 170,000-people displaced, an estimated 54% are children, mentioning that UNICEF managed to reach children throughout Libya in 2017.
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