Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights Condemns Pro-Coup Militia Death Sentences, in Sana'a

Saturday 1439/6/1 - 2018/02/17
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Aden, Jumada II 01, 1439, February 17, 2018, SPA -- Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights condemned here today death sentences imposed by Iranian-backed Houthi Coup Militias against Yemeni citizens, in Sana'a.
In a statement announced here today, the ministry condemned death sentence carried by the Al-Houthi Coup Militia on last January against Hamed Kaman bin Haidara, 52 age, after being detained and subjected to physical and psychological torture, solitary confinement and enforced disappearance for many months.
According to the Yemeni news agency, these violations and crimes fall within a continuous series of violations committed by the Iranian-backed Houthi Coup Militia against Yemenis, in general.
The Ministry called upon the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations organizations, the Red Cross and other international organizations to condemn this crime and to put pressure against the Coup Militias to release all those, who are arbitrarily abducted, forcibly disappeared, provide medical treatment and health care.
19:21 LOCAL TIME 16:21 GMT