Arab Coalition Airplanes Target Reinforcements of Iranian-backed Houthi Militias

Saturday 1439/6/1 - 2018/02/17
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Aden, Jumada II 01, 1439, February 17, 2018, SPA -- Arab coalition aircraft targeted reinforcements of the Iranian-backed Houthi Coup militias, while they were on their way to the Directorate of Natta, in Al-Baidah Governorate.
A military source told the official Yemeni news agency that the coalition aircraft targeted vehicles belonging to the Coup Militias, heading to the Directorate of Natta, resulting in burning and killing all those carried upon them.
The Arab coalition air force also targeted a gathering of Houthi militias, in Numan Directorate, resulting in destroying their weapons and other equipment.
20:40 LOCAL TIME 17:40 GMT