Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session 5 Riyadh

Tuesday 1439/6/25 - 2018/03/13
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The Cabinet approved the national policy on the Atomic Energy Program of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which included the following:
1. limiting all atomic development activities to peaceful purposes, within the frameworks and rights defined by international legislations, treaties and conventions.
2. Full compliance with the principle of transparency in regulatory and operational aspects.
3. Achieving nuclear safety and nuclear safety standards at nuclear and radiological facilities, in accordance with an independent regulatory and supervisory framework.
4. Optimal utilization of national natural resources, including nuclear crudes and the application of best global standards and international practices for radioactive waste management.
5. Achieving sustainability through developing local content in the atomic energy sector.
The Cabinet approved the organization of the Nuclear and Radiative Control Authority, referring to the Shura Council two drafts: one on the Civil Liability System on Nuclear Harms and the other on Control System of Nuclear and Radiative Usage to study them in accordance with the regular procedures.
The Cabinet approved the amendment of its decision No. (56) dated 1/ 3 / 1431 H., to read as follows: approval of the monthly bursary paid to children of a deceased male or female teacher. However, If the husband of a deceased female teacher is also a teacher and died, the bursary shall be suspended from her side and paid from his side for all his children, whether he shares or not shares their paternity with her and if she has children from another husband, the bursary will continue being paid for them.
18:16 LOCAL TIME 15:16 GMT