Five Killed in Blast at Illegal Fireworks Factory in India

Friday 1439/7/6 - 2018/03/23
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New Delhi, Rajab 6, 1439, Mar 23, 2018, SPA -- At least five people, including three children, have been killed in a massive explosion at an illegal fireworks factory being operated out of a home in eastern India, police said Friday.
Five houses near the factory located in Jharkhand state's Nalanda district were badly damaged after the blast late Thursday night, and 16 people were injured.
"A man, a 17-year-old girl and three children below the age of two years were killed in the blast. They appear to be from the same family," area police officer Bagha Ram said.
The locals who sustained burn injuries were taken to a nearby hospital, where three were said to be in critical condition. It took nearly two hours for firefighters to get control of the blaze set off by the explosion, dpa reported.
14:34 LOCAL TIME 11:34 GMT