Saudi-French Joint Statement Issued 4 Paris

Wednesday 1439/7/25 - 2018/04/11
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With regard to Yemen, both sides affirmed the need for a political solution, as it was called by Security Council Resolution 2216-2015, to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.
The two sides condemned ballistic missile attacks by the Houthi militias on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reaffirmed the importance of compliance of the countries providing the Houthi militias with weapons and ballistic missiles, with relevant UN resolutions prohibiting such acts.
The two sides reiterated the importance of supporting efforts of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Yemen to reach a political solution for the Yemeni crisis. In a parallel context, the Republic of France affirmed its readiness to support the Coalition Supporting the Legitimacy, in Yemen, and UN agencies to accelerate delivery of humanitarian aid to all Yemenis, including $1 billion humanitarian response plan committed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
The Kingdom and the Republic of France agreed to organize an international conference in Paris on humanitarian aid in Yemen.
The two countries also reaffirmed their readiness to enhance cooperation with other friendly countries on the security and development of the Red Sea.
They also affirmed their commitment to the stability, unity and sovereignty of Lebanon as reflected in their pledges and stances, at the Cedar Conference held on 20 Rajab 1439 H corresponding to 6 April 2018, in Paris, stressing the need for all Lebanese parties to abide by the principle of keeping away from the regional conflicts.
With regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the two countries reiterated their call for a two-state solution based on the relevant UN resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.
The two sides agreed on the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
They discussed the steps that will be taken to curb Iran's ballistic program and stop destabilizing aspects of its regional policy.
They pointed out that supplying militias, as well as armed groups, including the groups classified as terrorist organizations by UN, with arms and support is unacceptable. They also pointed out that Iran must abide by international laws and principles regarding good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.
The two sides reaffirmed that the relationship between the two countries has been moved to new horizons because of the state historic visit paid by HRH the Crown Prince to the Republic of France.
Both sides expressed looking forward to the visit of President Macaron to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to further move the relationship between them to more wider horizons.
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