Al-Jubeir: "The Jerusalem Summit" confirms Arab desire to reaffirm Palestinian cause's importance 4 Dhahran

Monday 1439/7/30 - 2018/04/16
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On the Syrian issue, the Foreign Minister and the Secretary General of the Arab League agreed on the importance of a political solution to this crisis.
On the recent military strike against the Syrian regime, the Foreign Minister affirmed that the crime of using chemical weapons in the eastern Ghouta led to the Western military action against the Syrian regime. He said that he strongly condemned the use of this weapon against civilians.
The Secretary General of the Arab League, for his part, pointed out that Arab leaders stressed the importance of Arab efforts to end the bloodshed in Syria, the absolute condemnation of the use of chemical weapons and the promotion of joint Arab action based on a clear methodology and solid foundations that protect the Arab nation from imminent dangers.
On the Yemeni issue, the Foreign Minister praised the consensus, support and blessing of the Arab countries participating in the "Jerusalem Summit" for the efforts of the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen and the great support for the Yemeni regular army, which contributed directly to achieving positive results on the ground by tightening the noose on the Iranian-backed Houthi militia and their retreat and the liberation of most of the Yemeni territory and the return of life to it, hailing the large-scale humanitarian and professional work, according to the draft comprehensive humanitarian plan implemented inside Yemen, targeting many of the villages affected by the control or were under the control of this terrorist militia.
Al-Jubeir stressed that the summit strongly condemned and rejected the practices of this terrorist militia, which takes from the sanctities of Muslims and the inhabited cities in the Kingdom targets of its ballistic missiles manufactured in Iran and its insistence on more disregard for international law and the persistence in such criminal and terrorist acts, proved by the firing of 119 missile by these rogue militias subject to training, encouragement and support of Iran, which is only concerned with the marketing of hatred, extremism and sectarianism, and the exploitation of groups contaminated intellectually to implement an agenda, which would harm the security and stability of states which neighbor Iran, highlighting the demands by members of the Arab League to stop such terrorist acts which have negative consequences for all.
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