Spokesman for the coalition forces reviews Iranian-Houthi drones fired on Abha threatening global security 2 Dammam

Tuesday 1439/8/1 - 2018/04/17
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The Spokesman of the Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen responded to the questions of journalists. He stressed that all countries, in accordance with resolution 2216 and the UN resolution and the international will, must take all measures related to arms smuggling as well as inspection procedures for non-diversion of weapons to the Houthi militia backed by Iran, a duty of the international community, pointing out that all actions are taken by the command of the joint forces according to the procedures in the mechanism of verification and inspection in Djibouti.
Al-Maliki said that smuggling anywhere in the world cannot be controlled of organized crime groups in terms of smuggling by 100 percent, and even in America, the borders between the United States and Mexico are not controlled. The coalition forces are coordinating with the United Nations, friends and brothers in relation to any weapons that are captured inside Yemen.
He pointed out that there are a lot of Iranian companies on the blacklist for the United Nations, for example the presence of the Alshaheed Baqri Company, one of the evidence provided by the coalition in ballistic missiles. There are also Iranian companies on the black list, and this is not strange to the Iranian regime in support of militias and terrorist organizations.
On fighting terrorist organizations and groups, he said, the coalition is not fighting a regular army, but we are fighting irregular terrorists or groups. The results of the war against terrorist groups are currently seen. We are counting on the honest people of Yemen to liberate all lands, and this is a duty for the people of Yemen, pointing out that the coalition is committed to the unity of the land of Yemen and the support of the Yemeni National Army and the protection of civilians in the Yemeni villages and cities until the restoration of legality.
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