Arab ministers in charge of meteorology hold 34th meeting

Sunday 1439/8/6 - 2018/04/22
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Cairo, Sha'ban 6, 1439, Apr 22, 2018, SPA -- Arab ministers in charge of meteorology held in Cairo today their 34th meeting.
Dr. Ayman bin Salem Ghulam, Deputy Chairman of the General Commission for Meteorology and Protection of Environment for Meteorology Affairs, led the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the meeting.
During the meeting, which was held by the Arab Standing Committee on Air Meteorology and Climate, several issues, including aviation meteorology, climate risks information management, training, building of skills as well as the comprehensive strategy for Arab air meteorology services and its executive plans from 2018 to 2030 were discussed.
17:42 LOCAL TIME 14:42 GMT