Yemeni government condemns Houthis intervention in relief works, describing it as a terrorist act

Monday 1439/9/5 - 2018/05/21
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Aden, Ramadan 05, 1439, May 21, 2018, SPA -- Yemeni Minister of Local Administration and chairman of Higher Committee for Relief in Yemen Abdul Raqeeb Fateh has strongly condemned the continuation of Iranian-backed Houthis militias in their detention of relief aid and medical supplies for patients with kidney failure in Ibb governorate and preventing humanitarian access to the needy in a number of other governorates.
He also pointed out that the militias intervened in relief and humanitarian works, manipulating the names of those entitled to relief aid, circumventing international organizations, using them for war efforts, selling them on the black market, and dealing with relief organizations that belong to the coup d'état.
Minister Abdul-Raqeeb said in a statement broadcast by the official Yemeni news agency that these acts are criminal and condemned by the international law, calling on United Nations organizations to refrain from silence on these actions and to reveal to the public and international opinions all these violations.
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