Palestinian Presidency: Any US Initiative without Jerusalem, Palestinian Approval is Doomed to Failure

Wednesday 1439/9/7 - 2018/05/23
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Ramallah, Ramadan 07, 1439, May 23, 2018, SPA -- Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, said on Wednesday that the American so-called "deal of the century" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is reported to be announces soon, “will be doomed to failure as long as it does not enjoy Palestinian approval and does not comply with United Nations resolutions on the Palestinian issue.
In a statement issued by WAFA today, he added that “any attempt to circumvent the clear and firm Palestinian position and the bases of the international legitimacy, whether through Palestinian parties or suspicious people referred to as 'local leader,’ who have failed in their endeavor and were crushed as a result of the strong Palestinian position and its ability for confrontation, or through regional parties, will only lead to further deterioration and tension in the region and the world.
"We are in the midst of a heated political confrontation in defense of our national constants, foremost of which is Jerusalem with its holy sites. Previous experiences have shown that the Palestinian options have become effective and have succeeded in besieging the colonial mentality and therefore the Palestinian people and the decisions of their national leadership are the protective shield of the land, the identity, the holy sites and Palestinian history rooted deep in the earth," he added.
He warned against “belittling the potential of the Palestinian and Arab peoples and to play with fire because the road to a lasting peace is clear: the implementation of the UN resolutions and respecting the Palestinian position, which has the final word, whether with yes or no, whatever the size of the challenges or conspiracies."
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