Arab Coalition for Yemen Allows Al-Balsam to Enter Yemen Again

Friday 1439/9/10 - 2018/05/25
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Riyadh, Ramadan 09, 1439, May 25, 2018, SPA -- Arab Coalition Forces for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen being led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has granted, for the second time in less than a month, Al-Balsam International Organization access to enter Yemen to provide the needy patients with its free of charge humanitarian medical services in coordination with the Yemeni legitimate government in order to facilitate the activities of this Organization in Yemen.
This came after the positive results achieved by Al-Balsam in the successful treatment of heart patients in Yemen (Mukalla) during the month of May and its conducting many heart surgeries for some patients in need, including (12) open heart surgery and (125) catheterization for adults and adults.
It also came at the request received by the Organization from the Yemeni Ministry of Health and Population based on a request from Nabd El Hayat Center located in the city of Mukalla on the need to urgent surgeries for other numbers of heart patients in need.
14:34 LOCAL TIME 11:34 GMT