Arab Coalition for Yemen Allows Al-Balsam to Enter Yemen Again 2 Riyadh

Friday 1439/9/9 - 2018/05/25
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The provision of the logistical support being needed by Al-Balsam International Organization comes as a continuation of the ongoing efforts of the Arab Coalition being led by the Kingdom to grant permits to international humanitarian organizations and associations and facilitate their entry into Yemeni territories.
It also comes within the comprehensive humanitarian operations plan in Yemen to alleviate the suffering being caused by Iranian-backed AL-Houthi coup militia which continue in destruction and damage of infrastructure and many health facilities as well as the looting of any humanitarian aid reaching Yemen by various humanitarian organizations and using them to blackmail those in need of Yemeni people with the aim of winning them in their favor.
The Arab Coalition explained in its statement that the medical team of Al-Balsam International Organization will leave for Yemen in the coming days.
14:35 LOCAL TIME 11:35 GMT