Arab Coalition Led by KSA Receives Thanks from Albalsam 2 Riyadh

Saturday 1439/9/10 - 2018/05/26
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This came after the positive results achieved by Al-Balsam in the successful treatment of heart patients in Yemen (Mukalla) during the month of May and its conducting many heart surgeries for some patients in need, including (12) open heart surgery and (125) catheterization for adults and adults.
It also came at the request received by the Organization from the Yemeni Ministry of Health and Population based on a request from Nabd El Hayat Center located in the city of Mukalla on the need to urgent surgeries for other numbers of heart patients in need.
The provision of the logistical support being needed by Al-Balsam International Organization comes as a continuation of the ongoing efforts of the Arab Coalition being led by the Kingdom to grant permits to international humanitarian organizations and associations and facilitate their entry into Yemeni territories.
It also comes within the comprehensive humanitarian operations plan of Arab Coalition Forces in Yemen to alleviate Yemeni people suffering due to the war being waged against them by Iranian-backed Al-Houthi militias.
11:06 LOCAL TIME 08:06 GMT