JFC of the Coalition “Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen”: Surveilling and Destroying a UAV Headed to Abha

Saturday 1439/9/11 - 2018/05/26
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Riyadh, Ramadan 10, 1439, May 26, 2018, SPA -- The official spokesman of the Coalition “Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen” Col. Turki Al Malki stated that at (13:45), the Air Defense unit assigned to Abha International Airport detected an Unidentified Flying Object headed to the airport. The unit dealt with the threat and destroyed it according to the Rules of Engagement.
Col. Al Malki clarified that through inspections of the wreckage carried out by specialists in the Coalition’s Joint Forces, it was found to be that the wreckage was a terrorist Iranian-Houthi militia UAV with Iranian specs of Iranian UAV “Ababil”, that was attempting an attack on the civilian airport which is protected under the International Humanitarian Law.
Col. Al Malki indicated that there was minimal damage caused by the UAV’s destruction, and thankfully, no injuries.
He added: “the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition, through continuous thorough monitoring and surveillance, targeted the unit responsible of assembly and rigging the UAVs following their exit of one of their workshops in Sa’dah Governorate.
Col. Al Malki reaffirmed: “the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will strike with an iron fist all those who are involved in terrorist activities that threat the safety and security of Saudi nationals, residents, economy and critical capabilities.”
-- SPA
20:25 LOCAL TIME 17:25 GMT