Al-Balsam International Organization Performs Complicated Catheterization Surgery for Yemeni Patient

Thursday 1439/9/16 - 2018/05/31
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Mukalla, Ramadan 15, 1439, May 31, 2018, SPA -- Al-Balsam International Organization performed a complicated catheterization for a patient who has suffered for more than five years a complete blockage of the heart-arteries and acute chest pains that caused his debility.
Dr. Rahim Qul, Consultant of Cardiac Catheterization for Adults from Al-Balsam Medical Team, said the patient came last night from Sana'a to the center; his condition was critical and had symptoms of fatigue and weakness. The investigations showed that he suffered a complete heart-arteries blockage.
Following examinations, added Dr. Rahim, an urgent surgery was performed to open the arteries, although the expectations of success were minimal. But the surgery was the sole solution to save his life.
The doctor said that this surgery is difficult and needs very highly advanced hospitals.
He added that the medical team's determination was the reason to end the suffering of this patient successfully. The doctor stressed that the patient now enjoys good health.
This success comes as a part of the successes of Al-Balsam International Organization in the field of complicated heart surgeries in Yemen.
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