Israeli warplanes carry out airstrikes on Gaza

Monday 1439/10/4 - 2018/06/18
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GAZA, Shawwal 04, 1439, June 18, 2018, SPA -- Israeli warplanes early Monday morning carried out a series of airstrikes on multiple locations across Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, leaving damages to the bombed sites.
Israeli fighter jets bombed with missiles a number of targets west of Gaza City, destroying them and causing partial damages to neighboring structures.
Fighter jets also bombed a target and destroyed it in the town of Beit Lahia, north of Gaza, setting it on fire.
Warplanes further bombed with missiles a target near Shati refugee camp in Gaza City and destroyed it. Partial damages were reported in neighboring homes.
Israeli air force also hit another site to the northwest of Gaza City, destroyed it and caused damages to neighboring homes.
There were no reports of human casualties in any of the Israeli airstrikes in spite of the degree of the resulting damage.
14:32 LOCAL TIME 11:32 GMT