Massive Yemeni support for Hodeidah's liberation

Monday 1439/10/4 - 2018/06/18
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Hodeidah, Shawwal 04, 1439, June 18, 2018, SPA -- The process of liberating Hodeidah has gotten a wide-ranging interaction among Yemenis in Yemen's various regions and governorates, according to a survey of the views of some Yemeni people and the monitoring of Yemeni views on social networking sites.
The Yemen National Military Website "26sepnews" monitored today the reactions of Yemeni streets on the launch of the liberation of the city of Hodeidah, noting that many citizens counted the event as a historic decision taken by Yemeni President Abd rabbo Mansour Hadi, as he directed the National Army forces and the resistance supported by the Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen forces to move to liberate the province of Hodeidah.
The site pointed out that the military operation came to save the people of Hodeidah from an impending humanitarian disaster after the Yemeni political leadership reached a dead end with Houthi militias on handing over of the city and the avoidance of war.
Advisor to Yemeni President Dr. Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi tweeted out that this military operation is a right guaranteed to the legitimate government of Yemen to regain control over all territories of the Republic.
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