The Yemeni army achieves field progress in Saada, the stronghold of Houthi coup militias

Friday 1439/10/8 - 2018/06/22
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Aden, Shawwal 08, 1439, June 22, 2018, SPA -- National Army forces in Yemen have achieved field progress in the Saada Governorate, the stronghold of Iranian-backed Houthi coup militias.
The commander of Special Forces Brigade, Brigadier Adel Al-Musabi, said in a press statement to Media Center of Yemeni armed forces that government forces have managed to reach the linking road between Saada governorate and the triangle of Al-Malahiz Haradh and cut off the supply of militias in Haradh and Al-Malahiz, pointing to killing 12 members and destroying military vehicles of the militias by the fire of the National Army.
15:21 LOCAL TIME 12:21 GMT