Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt decide to submit file of its sovereign airspace issue with Qatar to International Court of Justice 2 Jeddah

Wednesday 1439/10/13 - 2018/06/27
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The four States will object to the ICAO decision by appealing to the International Court of Justice under the two above-mentioned agreements.
In view of the decision of the four States to appeal the ICAO decision before the International Court of Justice, ICAO will cease to consider the Qatari claims until the judgment of the International Court of Justice has been issued and coincides with the continued exercise by the four States of their sovereign right to close the airspace to Qatari aircraft under international law.
The four States intend to appeal to the court in this regard to decide that the decision of the Council of the Organization has violated international law, including the two agreements mentioned above.
It should be noted that the ruling when it is issued will determine the validity of the decision of ICAO on enabling Qatar to submit the two complaints, and does not in any way accept the allegations of Qatar or the imposition of opening the airspace or anything else that detracts from the sovereign rights of the four countries or upload any legal consequences because the rule will not address the substance of the dispute between the four countries and Qatar, and therefore international law will continue to support the four countries in the continued closure of the regional airspace in front of the Qatari aircraft and therefore nothing will change in this case.
In spite of this objection, the four States will continue their fruitful cooperation with the organization and its member states in all areas related to the organization's competence and will not affect the strength of its relations with the organization and its members and the continued constructive cooperation with them.
It should be noted that the periodic reports of general secretariat of the organization's council confirm that all technical procedures for the contingency plan have been implemented and that air navigation over international waters in the Gulf is safe in accordance with the standard rules and recommendations issued by the ICAO.
The appeals and hearings of the International Court of Justice are expected to take a long time before a decision is made, and accordingly the four States will continue to close their regional airspace to Qatari aircraft in order to preserve their national security and sovereign right guaranteed by international law.
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