Yemeni army announces the liberation of series of mountains in Saada

Thursday 1439/11/6 - 2018/07/19
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Aden, Yemen, Dhu-AlQa'dah 06, 1439, July 19, 2018, SPA -- The Yemeni army announced today, the liberation of a series of mountains overlooking the center of the Directorate of Baqam, Saada province, Houthi militias,s stronghold in northern Yemen.
Brigadier General Yasser Al-Harthi, commander of the 102nd Brigade, said that the brigade's forces controlled large parts of the Alabd, the center and the village of Mezher as part of a massive military operation launched by the National Army this week.
Al-Harthi said that "the army forces cut the supply line of the militias between the village of Mezher and the center of the Directorate, and controlled water dam of the Directorate of Baqm, which is estimated to be more than 350 meters, stressing that the military operation launched with the direct participation of the joint forces and support of air and logistical forces The Arab Alliance is continuing and achieving its objectives continuously.
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