Abbas UN Address, May Constitute last Chance for Peace, as without Al-Quds, entire Region will Remain, in Windward Side, Palestinian President Office Warns

Tuesday 1440/1/15 - 2018/09/25
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Ramallah, Muharram 15, 1440, Sep 25, 2018, SPA -- The Palestinian presidency reaffirmed here today that the speech of President Mahmoud Abbas before the United Nations General Assembly 73th session, on Thursday, will represent a crossroads, as it will pave the way for a new stage, in the face of serious challenges before the Palestinian people."
"Without Al-Quds and the holy sites, there will be no just and lasting peace, in the region, and there will be no solution," said Nabil Abu Rudeina, a spokesman for the presidency.
"The speech will include a comprehensive national strategic vision that will have a profound impact on events, otherwise the region will remain, in a vicious circle of instability and war, without an end, he stressed, pointing out that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast on their land, shall remain vigilant to dampen all the conspiracies, come what may".
Abu Rudeina pointed out to the last 100 years war since the Balfour Declaration to confirm that the unflinching will of our people to stand firm and adhere to its land and rights and holy sites, will never be broken, stressing that every Palestinian is required, at this critical stage, to assume his share of the national responsibility, especially through our vision of plans and projects aimed, at dividing and destructing the Arab region.
"There will never be, either, legitimacy to any deals, decisions or actions rejected by our people and its legitimate national leadership, and without commitment to international and Arab legitimacy," he stated.
He stressed that the Palestinian legitimacy represented by President Mahmoud Abbas will continue to reject all suspicious deals, through steadfastness and adherence to national principles, no matter how pressures and sacrifices it may entail, pointing out that our people's national will and survival is the capable to achieve victory, in the end.
-- SPA
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