Spokesman of Joint Accident Assessment Team in Yemen reviews results of team assessment 3 Riyadh

Wednesday 1440/1/16 - 2018/09/26
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In the case of 97, the Spokesman of the Joint Accident Assessment Team in Yemen stated that, with regard to the letter of the Coordinator of the Panel of Experts in Yemen dated 21 November 2016, alleging that the coalition forces at 0400 hours on Wednesday, 25/05/2016, shelled Radfan water bottles factory in Mahalla in the province of Lahj. There were no casualties among the civilians and the factory was severely damaged. The Panel of Experts did not find any evidence that the shelling was on a legitimate military target.
Mansour noted that the Joint Accident Assessment Team had verified the incident and had examined all the documents and found that, based on intelligence that enemy elements had taken over the Radfan water bottle plant located north of Lahj province in an isolated area away from population and buildings and used it as an arms depot and a meeting place for these elements, a direct threat to coalition forces and friendly forces in the region, which is considered a legitimate target and whose destruction achieves a military advantage. Accordingly, at (01:05) on Wednesday morning (25/05/2016), coalition air forces shelled the targets within the factory using guided bombs that hit the targets.
In the light of this, the Joint Accident Assessment Team had verified the actions taken by the Allied Air Force in dealing with the legitimate military objective (the Radfan water bottle factory) were in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.
On the case of 98, Mansour explained that in relation to the annual report issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 13 September 2017, on the Coalition Forces' two aerial attacks on an apartment building and a commercial building on 07/08/2016 in the village of (Almadid) in the Directorate of (Nahm) in Sana'a Governorate, killing 16 civilians, including 7 children and one woman, injuring 24 others, and damaging four houses and a pharmacy. At approximately 19:00, the first air strike hit two large houses consisting of two apartments. Twenty nine members of the same family were among the victims. Two hours later, a second air strike hit the ship for the sale of gas cylinders (cooking), causing a huge explosion that burned the pharmacy.
Mansour Al-Mansour confirmed that the joint accident assessment team verified the incident and after the team was informed of all the documents, the Joint Team found that on Sunday (07/08/08), during the armed confrontations with the armed militia of Houthi, the Popular Resistance and the National Army requested a support air operation on a vehicle carrying arms and ammunition in the village of Al-Madid in the directorate of (Nahm) in view of the military necessity that necessitated the targeting of the vehicle to prevent the delivery of weapons and ammunition to the Houthi armed elements who were in direct confrontation with the Coalition Forces in Nahm, which is considered a legitimate military target whose destruction is a military advantage based on article 52 (paragraph 2) of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions. The air coalition forces also verified the target where the reconnaissance and monitoring mission was carried out of the vehicle on the road as it stopped near two vehicles in the vicinity of armed elements, which is consistent with the customary rule No. (16). Accordingly, the coalition forces carried out an air mission on the target (a vehicle carrying weapons and ammunition) in the village (Almdid) in the Directorate of (Nahm) using one guided bomb which hit the target. The Joint Accident Assessment Team, through the video footage of the mission, found that a secondary explosion occurred after the targeting process, confirming that the vehicle was carrying ammunition. However, as a result of the targeting, the barn near the target area was damaged by the side effects of the bombing. In examining all the air operations carried out in the area under investigation, the team found that the allegation that the coalition forces carried out another raid on the same site two hours of the first raid was false.
In light of this, the Joint Accident Assessment Team concluded that the Coalition Forces did not target buildings in the village of Al-Madid on the date of the allegation. The Joint Team also verified the correctness of the actions taken by the Coalition Forces in targeting the vehicle and that it complied with international humanitarian law and customary rules. But the team considers that voluntary assistance should be provided for physical damage to the barn as a result of the vehicle being targeted.
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