Yemen's Ambassador to US Calls On International Community To Force Houthi Militia To Comply with UN Resolutions

Friday 1440/1/25 - 2018/10/05
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Washington, Muharram 25, 1440, October 05, 2018, SPA -- Yemen's ambassador to Washington and its permanent representative to the United Nations Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak called on the United Nations to declare who puts drawbacks on the ways of peace efforts in his country.
Speaking at a seminar on the future path of Yemen organized by the Middle East Institute in Washington, Bin Mubarak said that the Yemeni government has been flexible and participated in all rounds of peace consultations, including the recent Geneva consultations, which failed due to the failure of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias. Flimsy.
He called on the international community to force the militia to comply with the UN resolutions, including UN Security Council Resolution 2216 and the agreed terms of reference nationally, regionally and internationally of the GCC initiative, its executive mechanism and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue.
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