UAE affirms its solidarity with Kingdom against anyone who tries to undermine its policies, its position and its regional status

Sunday 1440/2/5 - 2018/10/14
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Abu Dhabi, Safar 05, 1440, October 14, 2018, SPA -- Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates, affirmed the solidarity of the United Arab Emirates with Saudi Arabia against anyone trying to compromise its position and its regional status.
He expressed the UAE's total rejection of all attempts that would harm Saudi Arabia's fundamental role in establishing regional security and peace and the kingdom's Arab, Islamic and international reputation.
Heh expressed his deep appreciation for the high standing and leadership of Saudi Arabia; praised its position as a major force to ensure the security and stability of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the region as a whole and praised its positive role in all its initiatives and constructive policies that contribute to regional and international security and development.
He stressed that the UAE's stance on the side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in good and bad stems from the bonds of sincere brotherhood and deep-rooted affection, stressing that the politicized and vicious campaign against the Kingdom ignores the rational and constructive orientations of the Kingdom's policies and that this incitement and coordination among the parties to this campaign will not succeed and will not be able to undermine the central position of the Kingdom in the region and its main role in the axis of rationality and moderation.
He stressed that while there is a need to clarify the facts related to this crisis in a neutral and honest manner, the repercussions of political incitement against the kingdom are rejected.
He reiterated the firm support by the UAE for Saudi Arabia, in its rational policies and its enormous efforts to confront the various threats facing the international community, particularly extremism and terrorism, and its relentless efforts to promote international cooperation at various political, economic and security levels with its enormous capabilities that it uses to promote peace and stability throughout the world.
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