Counselor Al-Mansour: The process of assessing incidents is based on established norms and standards in the international humanitarian law system

Tuesday 1440/3/5 - 2018/11/13
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Riyadh, Rabi'I 05, 1440, November 13, 2018, SPA -- Official Spokesman for the Joint Incident Assessment Team (JIAT) in Yemen, Counselor Mansour Al-Mansour, confirmed that the team, through the Operations Department and its legal Counselors, follows a legal methodology in the evaluation process based on the principles and standards adopted in the international humanitarian law system.
He noted that the Team is also acquainted with the best practices on the monitoring of serious violations of international humanitarian law during military operations, as well as examining the extent to which the coalition forces complied with the rules of engagement adopted and enforced by the Coalition Forces.
During the press conference held at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Riyadh today, Counselor Al-Mansour reviewed the results of the 7 incidents claims made by international organizations and the media regarding mistakes committed by the Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen during its military operations inside Yemen.
He stressed the integrity of the procedures followed by the Coalition Forces, which took into account the rules of engagement and international humanitarian law and customary rules, where he reviewed during the conference the cases in accordance with the sequence adopted by the Team, which comes in continuation of cases that have been evaluated and talked about in the media.
In relation to the house in Aldhihar Directorate, Ibb Regarding the letter of The National Commission To Investigate Alleged Violations To Human Rights on Yemen stated that on Friday morning (28 August 2015) a house belonging to a citizen located in (Jabal Ruba) park, (Aldhihar) directorate, (Ibb) governorate was targeted by a missile caused a full destruction of the house, killed (7) residents , and heavily injured (1). It was also confirmed that the targeted area had no military target.
JIAT verified the incident, examined all related documents, including the Procedures; Rules of Engagement, Daily Mission Schedule, satellite images, video recordings; and assessed all gathered evidence.
JIAT found that the claimed house is located in the North side of (Ibb) city, and there was no air mission in that location, as the closest target that been targeted by the Coalition Air Forces was a gathering of the Houthi armed militia that located (2.5) KM North of the claimed location.
In light of that, JIAT found that the Coalition Air Forces did not target the claimed (house).
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