Members of the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Kingdom Tour Riyadh Metro Visitors' Center

Saturday 1440/3/23 - 2018/12/01
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Riyadh, 01 December 2018 SPA -- Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Kingdom paid a visit here today Riyadh Metro Visitors' Center.
During the tour they witnessed the stages of development of Riyadh Metro project and bus stations, with their set tracks.
Their tour included the main stations of Riyadh Metro project, which is the backbone of the public transport network, in Riyadh, notably the latest specifications of the technology of manufacture of train cars, in the world, in addition to Riyadh bus project, which is the main supporting network to Metro network.
The delegation also saw the models of Riyadh Metro cars and their main stations and a visual presentation of the public transport, in Riyadh.
At the end of the tour, commemorative photographs were taken to mark this occasion.
-- SPA
17:33 LOCAL TIME 14:33 GMT