A Royal Decree on State's General Budget 3 Riyadh

Tuesday 1440/4/11 - 2018/12/18
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1- Any surplus of revenues of the State's general budget shall be transferred to the State's General Reserve Account.
2- To authorize the Minister of Finance during the fiscal year, an exception to paragraph (2) of item   (First) and paragraph (1) of item (Fifth) of this decree, to allocate part of the revenues collected with the increase over the estimated and which is deposited in a current account of the Ministry of Finance, in implementation of the Royal Decree No (55685) dated 30/11/1438 H - for government agencies of which their regulations stipulate the financing of their expenditures out of their revenues in order to achieve sustainability and efficiency in spending.
Sixth: The Minister of Finance shall have the right to withdraw from the reserves and borrow to finance the repayment of the origin of the debt or the repayment of the obligatory and explicit government guarantees or the repayment of financial obligations which are not classified as budget's expenditures, including the capital of development funds on which royal orders or royal decree to be issued.
Seventh: No withdrawal shall be made from the State's general reserve but according to the regular procedures prevailed without prejudice to the content of paragraph (1) of item (Fourth) and item (sixth ) of this decree.
Eighth: To authorize the Minister of Finance to add the royal decrees and orders in addition to decisions to be issued by the Cabinet on the expenses to be spent from the chapter of emergency expenses No. (49) to the allocation of budget support.
Ninth: The Minister of Finance, in coordination with each sector concerned (electricity, water and sanitation, railways and other related sectors), shall have the right to compensate the companies that manage public utilities to cover the difference in the tariff adopted in those sectors through the amounts allocated for this purpose in the budget and to issue the necessary decisions to specify such companies and develop the financial arrangements and regulations in this regard and these companies' commitments in return.
Tenth: Transference among chapters, branches and sections of the budget are made by a decision of the Minister of Finance and the competent Minister or the head of the agency of the independent budget shall have the right to make transferences among the items of public expenditure, the programs of appropriations and the costs and appropriations of projects in accordance with the controls contained in the instructions of implementing the budget.
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